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3 Easy Ways to Get a Lower Price for a Single-Day Dumpster Rental Empty 3 Easy Ways to Get a Lower Price for a Single-Day Dumpster Rental

on Wed Sep 25, 2019 3:14 pm
1-Go small
Oftentimes, it’s the “little guy” that can offer you the best rate on a single-day dumpster rental. Smaller, locally-owned dumpster rental providers generally have smaller inventories of containers. It’s beneficial to them if the drop-off/pick-up turnaround is as quick as possible.

Larger waste haulers with massive inventories of containers (e.g. Waste Management) don’t have to worry as much about running low on container selection, so they may not be as willing to dish out a deal on a single-day Dumpster Rental near me

At we work with mostly small-to-medium sized waste haulers, so it’s easy to find several rental providers in your area.

2-Rent midweek
Rental companies tend to be less busy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so you may be able to get a deal by renting midweek. Weekends are primetime for dumpster rentals, which also means you’re less likely to score a deal on one.

By booking a Tuesday or Wednesday drop-off—and pick-up the following day—you give the rental company assurance that they’ll have that container back in stock for the weekend rush. It’s beneficial to them, and it could help lower your rates if you mention it when you call.

3-Leverage your location during negotiation
If you live in close proximity to a landfill or transfer station, it’s a benefit to the dumpster company. It means less driving for them. Fuel costs are a major expense for dumpster rental companies, so anytime you can point out a fuel savings, their ears are sure to perk up.

It’s not uncommon for dumpster companies to offer rates based on proximity to their yard or the nearest landfill. It’s up to you, however, to request this discount when calling for a quote.
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